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Job Exploration Counseling

We offer Interest and ability surveys, review of career websites, high school based courses on career choices, or other similar activities.

Services We Provide


We include work-based learning experiences in the community including field trips, job shadowing, informational interviews and industry tours. Paid and unpaid work experiences are not available through our Summer Training Camps.​



Our training instructions are in self-awareness, disability disclosure, requesting accommodations, understanding your rights and responsibilities, self-determination and mentoring including peer mentoring.


We mentor in a time-limited, self-advocacy training service where a Mentor/peer who is close in age (within approximately 6 years) teaches the youth through a one-on-one mentoring relationship how to self-advocate for community, social and professional services and supports.




We assist in counseling on postsecondary educational institution options, counseling on the assistance available through Disability Services Offices and exploration of student financial aid options and supports.​



We provide hands-on soft-skills training, employability skills training, social/interpersonal skills (i.e. communication, problem solving, decision making, conflict resolution, empathy, professionalism, etc.) and independent living skills training related to employment (i.e. good hygiene, money management, time management, using technology and assistive technology, appropriate dress, appropriate behavior, etc.

We provide services in a unique self-centered employment service for individuals with the most significant disabilities who requires ongoing support services to succeed in competitive employment.


I provide Residential Habilitation services that focus on personal hygiene skills such as oral hygiene and bathing; homemaking skills such as food preparation, vacuuming, and laundry; and on social and adaptive skills that enable my clients to reside in their community. 

Residential Habilitation

We provide Transportation services for clients to a meaningful day activity and to community based services in order for clients to receive the supports and services identified on their Support Plan and family, friends or Public Transportation is unable to provide this service.

Need A Ride

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